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Does anybody love writers like charles bukowski and chuck palahniuk what are some recommendations of more such writers. As a fan of both writers, i agree with tom robbins after reading even cowgirls get the blues, i read 4 other novels in a row his writing style is witty & playful while touching on the cultural taboos & absurdities it's a mix of bukowski's honesty, lust, & perversion with the political depravity of thompson's excesses. If you like charles bukowski i recommend john fante, ham on rye, women, post office, factotum.

 · the best contemporary(recently published, new author) author that captures much of the spirit of bukowski i know of is earl jesse stevens his book red bird just like this has several disturbing poems that bukowski would love.

Henry charles bukowski (born heinrich karl bukowski august 16, 1920 – march 9, 1994) was a german-american poet, novelist, and short story writer his writing was influenced by the social, cultural, and economic ambience of his home city of los angeles.

Henry charles bukowski, jr was arguably the greatest american fiction writer of the last half of the 20th century here's what he had to say about his craft.  · what else should you read i've read about every damn bukowski book i can get my hands on i tried last exit to brooklyn and it was good but no bukowski.

I really like bukowski and his rawness although i was wondering who some similar authors are also if there are some a.

 · so good shit man, your stuff ain't too dang bad especially dig the interviews and the bank statement poem and i saw in tumbleweed sex drive.

Writers like bukowski
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